Court Granary, Czechowice, 1784

The granary is built on a rectangular plan of 15.20x7.70m. It is a structure combining post construction and a log house, with lap joints in the corners. A typical court granary, with three levels for grain storage. A shingled, rafter-and-collar-beam roof. Around the entire building there is a shingled canopy, a so-called "apron", protecting the external walls against soaking. The door leading inside is made of herringbone staves, and the lintel shows the year the building was constructed - 1784. This is the oldest structure in the museum and it comes from the State Fish Farm of the old court in Czechowice.

Inside, there is an exhibition on apiculture. There is a collection belonging to the Silesian Beekeepers Association and private collections of local apiarists which show exhibits like beehives, honey extractors and bee smokers.