Granary, Rudołtowice-Dębina, 18th c.


Peasant's granary from Rudołtowice-Dębina, for storing grain. In and around Pszczyna it is also called a "sypanie" (derived from the word for pouring). Built on a rectangular plan of 7.30x5.10m, it is an example of a log building made of halved logs fixed with cross lap joints at the corners. There is a beautiful half-round door in the front wall, with diagonally studded strips. In front of the entrance there is what was known as a "bench", i.e. a platform with a shelf for placing and loading sacks. It has a shingled gable roof with wide canopies in the gable walls. Outside you will see a bulb dibber for planting beetroot, and on the left there is a grain storage box placed in a tree stump.

Inside the building there is an exhibition related to weaving and sewing clothes. There are tools for linen and wool processing, such as spinning wheels, wool swingles, linen brushes, a box mangle and a 20th-century single plate knitting machine.

Entered into the register of monuments of Silesia province.