Farmhouse, Grzawa, 1831


A residential building from Grzawa, dated 1831, rectangular in plan, wide-fronted, 12.40x6.60m. An example of a log house, based on a crushed stone foundations. A two-bay building with a hall running straight through the house. In the central part, in the main room, there is a fire device consisting of a smoker, an oven and a heater with a hearth. The flue pipes are connected into one tract over the hall, creating a half-round vault. The farmhouse has a gable roof with herringbone canopies in the gable walls.

On one side of the hall there are two rooms: a bedroom and a room for the retired family members. On the other side there is a large reception room and a box room serving as a ladder. While designing the interiors, every effort was made to recreate the design of every room imitating a few remaining old interiors in the region, and following a selection of descriptions and photographic records.

Entered into the register of monuments of Silesia province.