Stableman's House, Wisła-Wielka, 1799


Quarters designed for horses or for keeping carriages and harnesses, with a hayloft. The name of the building includes the profession of the man whose job was to take care of horses. The walls are built on crashed stone foundations of 10.30x5.70m. The front part, which is older, is a log building, whereas the rear, built later, is an example of a pole construction. There is a beautiful, wide, half-rounded entrance gate supported by two diagonal braces ("dogs") of various and interesting shapes. The double-winged door is equipped with a ratchet lock. The date "1799" engraved on the entrance gate lock is the building's construction date.

Inside you can see various farming and craft tools, as well as some pieces of harness. The exhibits on display include wooden pitchforks and shovels, harrows for breaking up and scarifying the soil, vegetable slicers, troughs for pig slaughter, wet stones for sharpening scythes, saddler's and wood processing trestles, and horse and cattle collars.

Entered into the register of monuments of Silesia province.