Watermill, Bojszowy, 19th c.


A wide-fronted building, set on a rectangular plan of 17.80x9.50m. The log walls are secured with lap joints at the corners. It has a gable roof with canopies in the gable walls. There is a double-winged door leading inside, and the windows in the building are of sizes rarely used in farmhouses. The milling mechanism consisted of an external undershot waterwheel, a gearbox in the cellar, and milling and auxiliary devices on the ground floor and in the attic. The building is divided into two parts, the production area and the miller's dwellings. Between 1977 and 2008 the building served as the museum's restaurant, called "The Old Mill Inn".

Inside, there is a collection of watermill construction parts, the living quarters designed to be "the miller's room" and an exhibition of everyday devices for washing and ironing.