Coach House, Miedźna, 19th c.


A house built on a rectangular plan of 10.7x7.25m and supported on corner foundations. It is divided into two parts: the coach house proper, and a small workshop with a separate entrance and a side arcade. It is a wide-fronted outbuilding with a gable roof and two entrances separated by a post. An example of a post-and-log construction made of halved logs fixed at the corners with lap joints.

The coach house from Miedźna is a type of building found uniquely in the area of Międzyrzecze, Miedźna and Grzawa. Such coach houses are an interesting structural solution which bear no similarity to any other constructions of this region. Inside, there is a collection of farm machines, and in the adjacent rooms you can find craft tools, such as carpenter's tables and planes, a shoemaker's sewing machine and a potter's wheel.