Smithy, Goczałkowice, 19th c.


The smithy, together with the mill and the inn formed the economic and social centre of a Polish village. The interior was designed in the style of brick blacksmith's shops operating in the region. The blacksmith's equipment shown here includes bellows for providing a strong blast of air into the fire, a stump anvil, two types of hand drills, pliers, pincers and hammers, as well as wood and ice saws.

It is the only object of its kind in the region. Built on a rectangular plan of 6.20x4.80m, with a stove made of crushed stone. An example of a log building made of halved logs fixed with cross lap joints at the corners. In the gable wall there is a large double-winged door in a massive frame. In the rear of the gable roof there is a canopy with a smoke hole in the top.

Entered into the register of monuments of Silesia province.