Barn, Kryry, 18th c.


A large, octagonal building of 21x9.30m. An example of a multi-sided structure, typical of the lands around Pszczyna. Barns of this type were owned by wealthier farmers. It is an archaic log structure with dovetail joints at the corners (not requiring additional fastenings). The barn’s walls bear no load, as the roof rests on a horizontal bar supported by two vertical posts. The side walls stand diagonally to the front walls and consist of three spans.

Inside, there is a central threshing floor and two mows for storing grain. There are two double-winged gates leading inside and situated opposite one another. The part of the roof above the entrance gate can be lifted, allowing a cart with grain or hay to be drawn into the building. The mows are separated from the threshing floor with small partitions made of two bars, whereas the space between them is filled with vertical planks, including openings which are helpful when crossing. When inside, pay attention to a beautiful rafter framing and to numerous horse-drawn carriages.

Entered into the register of monuments of Silesia province.